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D-Mack Invite-Refer Component is a very flexible extension to allow your site visitors to recommend your site to their friends. With OVER 75 configuration options in the backend, the component can be styled and setup exactly how you need! And now it has database logging capability for all the invitations sent so you can keep track of who is inviting who! 

Below is a completely 'out-of-the-box' functioning demo for the component. Try filling in YOUR email address as the 'Friend' to see what the invitees will see, and set the 'copy me' check box to see what the inviters will see.

Invite Your Friends to Our Site

Your name and email address will appear in the emails you send to your friends.

  • If you are not registered (and logged in), you must enter your name and email address
  • You must enter at least 1 of your Friend's email address
  • Fill in any other fields shown as 'Required'

Thanks for recommending us!

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