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D-MackVisitor Info is a module that displays a bunch of information about the site visitor. It obtains the information through various Javascript and PHP functions. The module is very easy to use and is extremely configurable.

UserInfo Display Options

The Visitor Info Full Demo module to the right is a 'Live' example with ALL options set to display! This has been placed inside this Article with the { loadposition visitorinfofull } functionality.

*** IP address
*** Country Flag and Name
*** browser type and version
*** Number of pages visited in session
*** Operating system and version
*** CPU version

*** Plugins Status including:
*** Flash and version
*** Windows Media Player
*** RealPlayer
*** Quicktime Player
*** Acrobat Reader
*** SVG Viewer

*** Misc Settings including:
*** Screen resolution
*** Languages installed (shows flag if UserInfo component installed)
*** - Brower
*** - User
*** - System
*** Javascript
*** -Javascript base version
*** -Javascript engine
*** Cookies
*** CSS stylesheets
*** Smooth fonts
*** Show images

*** User Time
*** User Date

*** Static Info with HTML capabilities 

IP Address
United States United States
Unknown Unknown - Version
Operating System
Unknown Unknown

Browser Plugins Status
Miscellaneous Settings
<b>Miscellaneous Settings</b>Screen Resolution
Your Time

Other Info
Other STATIC info you want to display here...

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