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D-Mack Recommend Friends
Version: 4.0.0 Release Date: 10 May 2014

D-Mack RecommendFriends is a component for Joomla! 2.5.x and is backward compatible to Joomla! 1.6.x. It allows your users to recommend your website to their friends and acquaintances - with MANY, MANY configuration options!

*** Be sure to check out the 'Screen Shots' on the tab/link below ***

$11.99 USD


This is version 4.0.0 for the component and is only meant for Joomla! versions 1.6.x or newer, including Joomla 2.5.x.

The component can send multiple emails (number defined in Admin), with the friends name, and copy the Administrator and/or the User. It also incorporates Captcha Security to help prevent spam and the option to send Content-Type:text/html MIME format! ALL text for the entire component, front end and back, can be edited on-line in the Admin area of the site. And the component is XHTML 1.0 Transitional valid!

This component uses standard Joomla! JFactory Mailer functions - which should work if your website's email settings are correctly configured for your website server (i.e. Sendmail, PHPMailer, SMTP, etc).

The Joomla! Update function is integrated into this component and ALL future updates are FREE to you! Just go to the Extension Manager >>> Update tab and click the 'Find Updates' button to see if there are any updates for the component. Updating will reset the component - including any changes made.

Now with additional COMPLETE French Language files - Many Thanks to Philippe Cobessi for his great work!

Program Requirements:
The only requirements for D-Mack RecommendFriends is for the Captcha functionality. In order to use the Captcha option, the server your site is running on must have the GD and FreeType Support ENABLED. You can verify this in the Joomla! backend by going to Help->System Info->PHP Information.

**PLEASE NOTE** These are requirements ONLY if you wish to utilize the CAPTCHA functionalty. The component will still work if you do not have these installed on your server (you just need to disable the CAPTCHA option).

Please do NOT purchase this extension if you need Captcha and do not have these requirements on your server!


Installation and Usage
Install like any other component - through the Joomla! Extensions-->Install/Uninstall menu. Go to Components-->D-Mack RecommendFriends Configuration and set the options you want!

To add a link to the Main Menu (mainmenu) if you want everyone (Public) to be able to use this component, follow these steps:

1.Click the Menu->Main Menu link
2.Click on 'New' in the top right part of the screen
3.Click the 'Select' button for the Menu Item Type
4.Click on the 'Recommend Friends' Component from the list
5.Type in a Title for the link
6.Type in an Alias for the link (optional)
7.Don't need to change the Parent Item
8.Make sure the Link's Access Level is set to 'Public'
9.And Finally, click 'Save' and you should be good to go!

To add a link to the User Menu (usermenu) if you want only 'Registered' users to use this component, follow these steps:

1.Click the Menu->User Menu link
2.Follow steps 2 through 7 shown above...
3.Make sure the link's 'Access' level is set to 'Registered'
4.And Finally, click 'Save' and you should be good to go!