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D-Mack Convert Currency J3
Version: 1.0.1 Release Date: 09 March 2018

D-Mack Convert Currency is a module for Joomla! 3.x. The module allows your users to pick conversions from one denomination to another. Using AJAX, the page doesn't refresh when fetching the rates. There are MANY options to choose from in the Admin.

*** Be sure to check out the 'Screen Shots' on the tab/link below ***

$12.99 USD

D-Mack Convert Currency is a Joomla! 3.x native Module to allow your users to determine currency conversions from one denomination to another. The module uses AJAX functionality so the page doesn't have to refresh when fetching the rates or making the calculations. It uses the Alphavantage.co API to obtain up-to-the minute conversion rates and presently there are over 160 Country Currencies for conversion. There are MANY configurable options to choose from in the Admin configuration. And the module is XHTML 1.0 Transitional valid!

Include the Module in any Content Article!
ALL text and form fields are completely configurable in the Admin back end for the front end module display!
Set the 'Default' From and To currency denominations!
Almost everything in the module is configurable - form field widths, font sizes and colors, background colors, 3 different options for the converter country selector drop-down lists, and more!
The html layout of the module itself is completely configurable - through a textarea form field right on the configuration screen. Use any HTML you require! There is also a 'Restore to Default Layout' option, in case you 'break' the component layout
Unobtrusive pop-up color selectors allows you to easily modify the front end field background and font colors!
Utilizes the Joomla! Extension UPDATE functionality!

Install like any other module - through the Joomla! Extensions-->Install/Uninstall menu. Then go to Extensions-->Module Manager, click on the D-Mack Convert Currency module and start to set the options you want!

* Be sure to set the module to 'Enabled - Yes'
* Be sure to select the 'Position' of where you would like it to be displayed on your site (i.e. left, right, user1, etc.)
* Finally, be sure to select which pages (Menu Assignment) you want the module displayed on

You can also 'include' the module in ANY content/Article using the standard Joomla! Content - Load Module Plugin. Here's how:

1. You need to make sure the Load Module Plugin is enabled. Go to Extensions-->Plugin Manager, scroll down and click on the Content - Load Module Plugin. Make sure that 'Yes' is checked beside the 'Enabled' option. Then click the 'Save' button.

2. Go to Extensions-->Module Manager and click on the D-Mack Convert Currency module. You will need to change the 'Postion' option for the module. Click inside the 'Position' drop-down field. You should see a blinking cursor. Erase the text that is there (backspace or delete) and type in a unique name of your own - I'll use 'cconverter' for this example (you can call the position whatever you want *except* any existing module position - i.e. left, right, etc. will NOT work - it must be unique!). Make sure the Module is Enabled (yes) and then click 'Save'.

3. We will now 'place' the module in a content/article item. Go to Content-->Article Manager and open a content/article item you wish to place the module into. Position the cursor in the content textarea box exactly where you would like the Currency Convertor to appear. It can be within a table, inside of divs, or whatever you want! Then type in the following text
{loadposition cconverter}
Be sure to include the curly brackets {} and, if you called the module position something else, replace the cconverter name with whatever name you used in step 2 above. Click 'Save' and you should be good to go!!